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CIBTAC Qualifications through Energy Academy

CIBTAC is one of the longest established awarding bodies within the health and beauty sector based in the UK. The rigorous examination process ensures all CIBTAC Graduates are well- trained, have the knowledge to safely carry out treatments independently and have the understanding and expertise to start adding their own flair to treatments as soon as they start working.

The listed courses are designed on a flexible time basis, enabling many part-time students to qualify who would not be able to attend college on a full time basis.


Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology

Course Aim

  • To enable candidates to achieve knowledge and understanding of Anatomy and Physiology of the human body

  • To achieve a qualification at UK Level 2 national standards, approved by BABTAC and recognised internationally

  • As a pre-requisite to other beauty, body and complementary therapies

Training Duration

10 days (Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm)

Subjects Studied

Cells / Tissues Digestive System Skeletal System | Respiratory SystemMuscular System | Excretory / Urinary System | Vascular System | Endocrine System Lymphatic System | Neurological System | Accessory Organs

Generic Areas of Study

G 3 - Skin Structure and Function 
G 9 - Introduction to Nutrition


45 minutes multiple choice paper    


Diploma in Spa Therapy

Course Aim

  • ​To allow candidates to be commercially qualified to work in a spa in the UK and overseas

  • Pre-requisite required: Anatomy & Physiology and Body Massage qualification or equivalent

Training Duration

30 days (Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm) + 50 hours of which must be within a commercial spa

Subjects Studied

Generic Areas of Study with supportive areas specifically related to Spa Therapy


  • Health and Hygiene  

  • Business Studies  

  • Diet and Nutrition


Note: Where a candidate has previously studies the CIBTAC Generic subjects, they are exempt form repeating the hours of study. Please note the candidate should revise these areas as questions will appear in the examination.


Supportive Areas of Study


These are extensions to the Generic Areas of Study units and are specifically related to Spa Therapy. Where the Genetic Areas of Study units have previously been studied, the additional sub headings in the supportive areas must be identified by the candidate, studied and revised for the examinations.  
Other Subjects 

Due to the diverse role of the spa therapist and the variation in spa resources, the subjects to be studied are categorised into 3 levels:


  1. In depth theoretical knowledge: giving a good range of theory knowledge

  2. Studied in depth: through pactican and theoretical knowledge and experience

  3. Introductory theoretical knowledge: giving brief knowledge



90 minutes multiple choice paper

210 minutes practical examination

Students will demonstrate:

  1. Consultation, client and treatment preparations (30 minutes)

  2. Body scrub/ exfoliation (30 minutes)

  3. Stone Therapy body or face massage (30 minutes)

  4. Body wrap OR tanning/ skin lightening treatment (30 minutes)

  5. One spa water therapy (out of two) chosen by the college form the list of spa water therapy treatments (30 minutes)

The examiner will allocate 50% of the candidates to do one of the selected water treatments and 50% to do other selected water treatment.

Case Studies

The case studies must be carried out on 10 different clients. The candidates must select a minimum of 5 different treatments, 2 of which must be water treatments. The case studies must follow the CIBTAC guidelines and be marked according to the CIBTAC criteria. 

The case studies to be marked by the college and presented to the practical examiner for verification.


Diploma in Body Massage

Course Aim

  • To enable a candidate to perform safe and effective Swedish body massage treatments

  • To achieve a qualification at UK Level 3 national standards and recognised internationally

  • To enable a candidate to gain employment as a body therapist

  • As a pre-requisite to other UK Level 3 national standard qualifications e.g. CIBTAC Body Therapy Diploma

Training Duration

10 days (Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm) + 20 hours of which must be spent working within a commercial salon environment

Subjects Studied

G 2 - Health & Hygiene        

G 4 - Skin Diseases   

G 7 - Business Studies               

G 8 - Salon Procedures


Other Subjects:

  • Consultation/ Lifestyle Assessment

  • Body Massage

  • Aftercare/ Home care


30 minutes multiple choice paper

60 minutes practical examination



Diploma in Salon Management

Course Aim

  • The aim of the Diploma in Salon Management is to equip Candidates with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable them to manage a Spa or Salon environment effectively

  • The qualification consists of five mandatory units and is equivalent to a Level Four on the Qualification and Credit Framework

  • Portfolio- based

Training Duration

10 days (Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm)

Portfolio Content Sheet

The purpose of a portfolio is to keep in one place a record of evidence of all treatments or occasions where practice and experience of techniques and ranges for the qualification being studied are kept.


The folder should be large enough to hold all of this evidence generated. If more than one qualification ibeing studied for, it is often possible to put all of the evidence in one folder with dividers.


To remove the need to duplicated evidence, it is important to be aware that if any units of study are replicated between qualification being studied. It is highly recommended that the evidence is only produced once but clearly signposted for the examiner to find.


Portfolio assessment 

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