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Courses by Energy Academy

Another unique aspect of Energy Academy is apart from our mainstream spa and wellness modules of study, we created additional curriculum covering a diverse range of topics. 


Aiming at anyone interested to improving their personal beauty and wellness, who want to pursue new skills or knowledge, or professionals interested in extending their repertoire of spa services for their clients, our main objective is to open the field of knowledge in spa and wellness to as many people as possible!

Management & Wellness Courses

Spa Guest Relation Services & Front Desk Recommended!

This subject describes the skill, knowledge and attitude requirements in guest relation services to ensure front office operation and services of spa has been satisfied in accordance with spa's standard operating procedure.



Spa Development

This intensive course gives a thorough guide to developing a spa. Suitable for future consultants, developers and owners of spas, it covers from identifying spa concept, designing the layout and renovation works to planning for spa promotions and maintaining smooth daily operations.

Spa Management Recommended!

The main aim of the course is to equip individuals with the knowledge, understanding and skills of managing a spa that are transferable and will enable them to meet changing circumstances in the spa environment in general.

Spa Operating Procedure (SOP)

Spa Operating Procedure (SOP) is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of spa’s business practices, aiming to generate incremental revenue, improve profitability and maximize return on investment. This course will guide participants in the creation and compilation of a customized and detailed operation manual to suit each business requirements.

Holistic Stress Management Recommended!

Energy Academy's stress management program utilizes holistic approach and tools to help bring your system to its relaxed state. Being one of our most sought- after programs, it highly benefits corporate organizations by helping to reduce the stress level of the employees.


Basic Aromatherapy

Discover aomatherapy in an enjoyable way. This workshop is designed to give participants an insight into the benefits and uses of aromatherapy safely in everyday activities such as cleaning and getting rid of bugs or winding down after a long day.

Massages & Spa Bodywork Courses

Swedish Massage Recommended!

Traditional form of massage incorporating effleurage or stroking, pretrissage or kneading and tapotement or striking movements to aid health and well- being. Recommended for those without any knowledge on massage.

Traditional Malay Massage (Urut) Recommended!

'Urut' orignates from the Malay village in Malaysia. Created to relax the mind and muscles after a long day in the paddy field, this comprehensive and effective massage technique includes firm pressure to the muscles, kneading, stepping and stretching. Usually done on the floor but can be modified to be conducted on massage tables.

Pregnancy Massage Recommended!

Especially for massage practitioners who would like to offer treatments for expecting mothers. This course emphasizes on conducting the pregnancy massage in a correct and safe manners.

Hot Stone Therapy

This modality involves the use of water- heated black basalt stones. Used all over the body in various combinations to stimulate circulation, reduce inflammation or swelling as well as relieve muscular problems and pain.

Slimming Massage

This massage technique can assist in losing weight in an indirect manner. It could help in eliminating excess water from the body due to water retention and also reducing the appearance of cellulite by breaking of subcutaneous fat. Useful for practitioners who offer pre and post- natal treatments.


Incorporates the application of finger/ thumb pressure techniques to points on the feet, hands or ears to stimulate the body's own healing mechanisms. These parts are viewed as being miniature representations of the whole body based on the belief that by stimulating the part, one can stimulate the whole.


Other courses available:

  • Basic Spa Facial

  • Body Scrub & Mask

  • Spa Hand & Foot Treatments

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